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Nisargaam creates all its cleansers with a simple philosophy. The belief and commitment that every product is made with the best ingredients available and is of superior quality..

We use organic oils, sulphate & paraben free soap bases and herbs which we obtained from our Ayurveda experts in Nashik (Maharashtra) as well as from Gujrat. Fresh, raw goat’s milk, Indian Cow Milk, and Camel Milk soap bases made in our Ahmedabad factory which will take care of quality as well as authenticity. Organic Lavender, Lemon, Rose, Saffron, Cedarwood Essential Oils comes from two different genuine and well established essential oil makers (Maharashtra & Gujrat). We make Cow dung bhasma ourselves only to keep it’s purity & holiness. Pure & organic Goat & Camel milk soap bases are a linchpin of our original product line and continues to be the liquid of choice for all our cleansers other than vegan products. Goat, Indian Cow & Camel milk is a natural emollient that soothes and moisturizes the skin. It is rich in vitamins A, E, B6 & B12 – all nourishing to the skin, it has a high casein (fatty acids/proteins) content that’s easily absorbed and hydrates dry skin, it helps to maintain the skin’s acid mantle that fights with bacteria and hydroxyl acids from Goat, Indian Cow & Camel Milk in the cleanser act as an exfoliate to slough dead skin. Our cleansers contain pure essential oils. We make them from herbs with properties known to be beneficial to the skin which we want in our cleansers.

Nisargaam Premium Soaps

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    SLS, SLES, Paraben Free

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    100% Vegetarian

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    No artificial colors

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    No Animal Testing

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    Sulfate Free

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    Handmade Soap


Food And Drug Administration

Food And Drug Administration

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015


Certificate of import-export

Latest Products

These are the latest Pure & completely Natural Products from Nisargaam.

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Nisargaam Premium Soaps


Patchouli Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil
Himalayan Pink Salt


Relieves stress
Reduces depression
Wrinkle Reducer
Skin Enhancer

Spiritual Uses

Good for Healing
Chakra Balancing
Cell Regeneration

Premium Nisargaam Aura Chakra & Body Cleanser – Pack of 7

This is pack of Premium Nisargaam handmade cleansers - pack of 7 handmade cleansers which contains all the variants of the Premium handmade cleansers . These all handmade cleansers are Pyramid Charged handmade cleansers with universal energy.


  • Origin: India
  • Weight/Size:(+) 80gms * 7 Soaps
  • No of Pieces:  07

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Why choose us

There are many reasons for choosing us.


Quality & Safety

We ensure highest quality of the ingredients used in our products. Also, all the products are tested for safety purpose by team.


We have kept high standards for all our production & operations. We believe in keeping international standards for our customer.

Health & Well-being

Our products are tested for giving very good results for our customers. We have strict policy on well beings of our customers after using our products.

Premium Soaps from Nisargaam

Watch our video to check different premium variants.

Martin Ballery
Wanted to try active charcoal soap and after reading such good reviews thought of giving it a try. Not disappointed at all. It's a nice soap that makes your skin soft. But it is good soap.
Sarah Kimberly
Beauty Expert
It's a very good product especially for more physically active people like me who are more prone to catching dirt & pollution related particulate matter outside. I tried it once & since then have been using it regularly since then & trust me, it does wonder in removing dirt & skin feels nice too. A must try, I must say👍
Metien Fouejd
Skin Specialist
Charcoal soap was too good. I used it for three days, it gives good improvement to my face and I love this product even delivery also came soon to home by my expected date. Thank You Nisargaam!

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