Nisargaam Lavender Clay Soap : A bubble of beauty & Purity


Bathing is one of the important activities of the day which is the source of cleansing our body and healing our soul.N isargaam Lavender Clay soap we use when we shower not only clean our skin also affects our mood. Nisargaam Lavender clay soap a bubble of beauty purity is one of the high-quality premium soap which not only heals the physical body but spiritual body too.




Soothing, refreshing,100% pure natural, vegan, cold processed Nisargaam lavender clay soap is handmade natural oil based soap.

It is made from an aromatic lavender herb, a herb that is popular for its numerous health benefits enriched with the goodness of goat milk with ayurvedic ingredients like patchouli essential oil, gau bhasam clay, vanilla essential oil.


Ingredients and their benefits:

1.Lavender Essential Oil



Its name derived from the Latin word “lavare” which literally means to wash. It is a member of the mint family. Lavender helps in purifying body and soul.Lavender Essential Oil is used in soaps for its following benefits.

1.Anti-bacterial: Lavender oil can penetrate pore to kill bacteria. Thus prevents our skin from acne.

2.Anti-inflammatory: Lavender Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory properties, thus help to reduce redness, blotching of skin.

3.Anti-Oxidant: Anti-Oxidant in lavender oil can help protect against wrinkles, fine lines, and dark age spots. Thus it has the ability to fight against signs of aging.

4.Anti-Septic: Its antiseptic properties help skin to heal faster while fighting and preventing further infection.

5.soothes Eczema:D ue to its soothing healing properties,l avender essential oil may provide benefits to skin afflicted by eczema.

6.Detoxifies skin:There are so many toxins that our skin encounters in our everyday’s lives,so its no surprise that our skin can  often suffer with stress induced,breakouts,dryness and generally a lack of lusture dull appearance. so sometimes we need little bit of” skin detox”

7. Lavender oil can help fight against common culprit as it contains powerful antioxidants that can fight against the harmful effects of pollutants on the skin.

8.Tones the skin: Lavender essential oil tones and firm skin as it helps to boost circulation and giving more nutrition to skin cells and boosting their renewal process .

9.Moisturizes the skin: It makes dry skin plump and fresh.

10.Stress relieving properties: Lavender oil has a beautiful versatile aroma. it’s calming and sedative properties makes la lavender fragrance to help relax, fight stress and to promote sleep.


2) Gomay Bhasam Clay:-


Gomay Bhasam Clay is  pure vedic cowdung ashes, prepared by burning cowdung cakes and later converting the ashes into powder.

  1. Gomay Bhasam clay has antiseptic properties and thus saves the skin from wounds.
  2. Gomay Bhasam clay is used for curing boils and leat rashes.
  3. It has the transcendental property of curing skin disease and reducing toxins in the blood.
  4. It makes the body effulgent.
  5. It removes dead cells and thus acts as a scrub.
  6. It helps in destroying foul smell.
  7. It removes excess oil from the skin and prevents pimples.
  8. It regulates Ph levels. It absorbs oil and fat and hence it is also used as a cleaning agent.
  9. It is also said that Gomay Bhasam clay has mood enhancing properties. It contains bacteria called mycobacterium vaccae, which is responsible for activating neurons which produce serotonin. Serotanin is a neurotransmitter which helps  the person feeling happy.
  10. It is an excellent disinfectant and mosquito repellent.


3) Vanilla Essential Oil:-


The essential oil of Vanila is extracted by solvent extraction of a resinous substance obtained from fermented beans.

The benefits of Vanila Oil for the skin:

  1. The antibacterial properties of vanilla make it beneficial for the treatment of acne.
  2. Vanilla is rich in antioxidants which prevent and reverse skin damage caused by free radicals. It helps to slow down ageing signs like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.
  3. Vanilla is a good source of Vitamin B and Vitamin B-6 which play an important role in keeping the skin healthy. It protects our skin from damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins.
  4. Vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties which help in calming and soothing the skin.
  5. Reducing occurrence of pimples
  6. Vanilla essential oil has moisturizing properties which increase the moisture in the skin and prevents the skin getting dry or splitting.
  7. Vanilla essential oil has anti-depressant aroma which has a relaxing effect on the brain and helps in anger, insomnia, stress as well as anxiety.
  8. Vanilla essential oil has anti-microbial properties which can prevent the growth of bacteria and thus saves the skin from pimples.

4) Goat Milk:

Goat Milk contains alpha-hydroxyl acids like lactic acid, which help in removing dead cells from the skins surface. This leaves new cells on the surface of the skin; they are smoother and younger looking. Goat milk is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and minerals like zinc, copper and iron. Apart from that, it includes fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. These are beneficial for our skin health. Some benefits, because of which goat milk is used in soaps, make it favorite for our skin.

  1. Anti-ageing and antioxidant properties
  2. Fades scars and marks
  3. Promotes skin regeneration, which can make the skin smooth.
  4. Removes dark spots.
  5. Helps deep penetration in the skin and unclogging the pores.
  6. Soothes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  7. Treats the wrinkles and makes the skin firm.
  8. Brightens and hydrates the skin.


5) Patchouli essential oil:-