Nisargaam Organic Jaggery: A Pure Sweetner


Nisargaam Organic Jaggery: A Pure Sweetener

Jaggery and sugar are the two most common sweeteners used throughout the world. However, Nisargaam Organic Jaggery is more beneficial as compared to sugar, simply because it is healthier. Sugar is an artificial sweetener, while jaggery is a natural one. Nisargaam Organic Jaggery is one of the purest forms of Jaggery.



Jaggery is an unrefined natural brown-colored sweetener prepared from plants like sugarcane and palm. Chemically, It consists of sucrose and traces of mineral salts, iron and some fibers. It is called GUR in India. It is used in sweet and sour dishes as well as beverages.


The process of making jaggery:-



Manufacturing of Jaggery from sugarcane is followed by extraction, clarification, and concentration of sugarcane and palm juice. This is a three-step process:-

  1. Extraction:- The canes or palm are pressed to extract a sweet juice or sap.
  2. Clarification:– The juice is stirred in large containers so that any sediment whatsoever settles in the bottom. It is then strained to produce a clear liquid.
  3. Concentration:-The juice is put in a very large, flat-bottomed pan and boiled.

During this process, jaggery is stirred and the impurities are kept being skimmed off the top until a paste of golden brown color remains.

Various types of Jaggery:-


  1. Sugarcane Jaggery: It is golden brown to dark brown in color. It is found in solid to viscous granular liquid form.


  1. Date Palm Jaggery: It is made up of date palm.It is made in golden brown colour and from to solid and viscous granular to clear red liquid form.