Lemon Heaven Aura, Chakras & Body Cleansers

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Lemon Heaven Aura, Chakras & Body Cleansers is the pure handmade natural handmade cleansers with Vanilla flavor.


  • Origin: India
  • Weight/Size:(+)  45gm, 80gm
  • Packing Size (Kg)    03 | 05


Lemon  Heaven Aura, Chakras & Body Cleansers is the pure handmade cleansers with Vanilla flavor.

This handmade cleansers contains Camel Milk, Vanilla Oil, Dried Lemon Peel Powder, Turmeric Essential Oil, Lemon  Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Usage :

  • Lightens the Age Spot
  • Moisturize Skin
  • Help to Achieve Skin Cleanser
  • Weather Protection
  • Treatment of Acne

Benefits of different ingredients :

Benefits of Vanilla Essential Oil for skin

  • Treatment of Acne
  • Anti-aging Benefits
  • Soothes Burns
  • Promotes Healthy Skin

Benefits of Dried Lemon Peel for skin

  • Helps to Treat Acne
  • Treats Hyperpigmentation
  • Lightens the Age Spots
  • Natural Hydration
  • Treats Stinky Feet
  • Exfoliator

Benefits of Turmeric

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-Septic
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Treat stretch marks

Benefits of Shea Butter for skin

  • Weather protection
  • Maximum moisture
  • Actively age-defying
  • Holistically healing
  • Gentle for everyone

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80gm, 45gm

24 reviews for Lemon Heaven Aura, Chakras & Body Cleansers

  1. Shanna

    I love the smell of lemongrass soap. I feel so clean after washing with this soap.

  2. D A Fato

    This is a very pleasing sent an seems to help keep from getting bit by mosquitoes.

  3. Donna Christ


  4. Maya

    Excellent. Product as described.

  5. Mrs Kiran Chedda

    the lemongrass soap smalls so good. this is for everybody who enjoys the good scent herbal soap.

  6. Ravi Kumar

    The LemonGrass scent on this soap is amazing. Really fills up the bathroom and leaves you feeling refreshed. Probably one of my favorite bars of soap from this company. Highly recommend.

  7. samaya khan

    Wow! This smells wonderful … smells real, not like an artificial scent. Arrived earlier than expected. I will definitely purchase more of this soap in the future from this seller.

  8. Jignesh V

    Got as a gift for someone. Smelled great in the package and the recipient was very pleased with it.

  9. Mona Dsouza

    Smells fantastic. Does not leave skin dry. Very relaxing. I’ll be buying again!

  10. ugocraze

    Its pretty a lovely soap to behold. The aroma is infectious and you would love to even have in in your pocket all day. Its recommended for anyone that loves their skin.

  11. Joanna

    his soap is truly wonderful. Smells great and lathers up good.

  12. Julia

    Lasted months. Smells great and makes my skin feel good after using it . Will be ordering again soon.

  13. Mahesh Jagdale

    Quality soap, pure and natural as stated.

  14. Patrica Gardener

    I would recommend Plantlife soap to anyone. Lemongrass is my favorite sent so far. Very gentle on the skin.

  15. Nikhil Panchal

    The lemongrass smells so good!

  16. Joshua

    Lemongrass and peppermint soaps are my favorite of all of the plantlife soaps. It has such a great fresh fragrance and it leaves your skin feeling so fresh and feeling very soap.

  17. A Kay

    It’s hard to find a lemongrass soap that smell like true lemongrass. This one smell like I’ve crushed a bit of lemongrass right under my nose. Of the four soaps I purchased, I am saving (hoarding) this one for last.

  18. Suman Vadhva

    Awe, the smell is awesome and the creaminess is the BEST. love it

  19. Amir Motamedi

    Great and pure smell, almost aroma therapy

  20. Madhura

    smells great, makes skin soft

  21. beekeeper

    smells great. My wife loves it.

  22. James B

    I get these types of soaps as anytime gifts for my wife and she like them all, I dont really care about the aromatherapy whoha
    but I like them too, and find them to be better for our skin than soaps you will find in a big store. they are not harsh at all
    and you are sure to find a smell you like.

  23. laura d

    thats amazing handmade soap

  24. fatima

    waw super delivery of soaps

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